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Sustainable Caribbean Real Estate

Discover Bio Caribe Real Estate, A Unique Ecovillage on the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica.


Titled property near Punta Uva beach at affordable price
Sustainable Residential Development

• Bio Caribbean is an ecological residence 8 km away from Puerto Viejo and 5 km to the secluded beach of Punta Uva. More precisely, from the Paraiso road you find us 2.6 km South of Punta Uva and 1.6 km West on a private road which crosses the neighboring Harmonia Project.
• The Bio Caribe Property is located on one of the best locations: close to the Punta Uva beach; within short distance from the airport in Changuinola (Panama); only 2 km from the recently new paved route #36; close to the public hospital in Sixaola; 12 km from Puerto Viejo.
• The Bio Caribe property consist of 125 hectares (306 acres). The objective of Bio Caribe is to develop the first off the grid ecological residence in Costa Rica focused on sustainability.
• 23 hectares of the Bio Caribe project is protected forest and 14.5 hectares are pasture.
• Bio Caribe is subdivided in 58 titled properties. Each individual lote is registered at the national register.
• Each property counts with municipal building permission and are current on municipal taxes.
• Bio Caribe provides legal security on your investment. We are located out of the wildlife refuge Gandoca-Manzanillo and not part of the disputed indigenous reserve Kekӧldi.
• Bio Caribe is divided into two development areas. The Southern area is connected to electricity (36 properties) The Northern area is designed to be off the grid (22 properties).
• We established both a regulation- as a recommendation plan for Bio Caribe with emphasis on sustainable building.
• Both the northern as the Southern entrance will have electric gates.
• At the Southern entrance, area “C” is dedicated to recreational use. At area “E”, a security house and parking area is envisioned to be implemented. Both areas are reserved to the community free of charge.
• Each property needs to dig its own well. Water is usually found at about 7 meters.
• Properties starting at 5,000 m2 up to 28,500 m2 in size from as low as $3 per m2.

Eat fresh foods delivered from your organic gardens.


Enjoy the benefits of sustainable architecture.

Enjoy living by your own private forest reserve of 309 acre

Practical solutions for power generation and conservation.

About Us

What is Green Building

Happy family

In general, green building is not just about high-tech solutions like solar power and windmills. Green building is about making your house work for you to improve your life. It should be less maintenance, more relaxing to live in, as free from toxins as possible and hold its value better as an investment. Green building in Costa Rica is the fast-growing segment of the construction industry, and all houses in the U.S. and Europe will probably be built “green” within a few years. When you go to sell your house someday, it will be worth much more if its built green now.

The core of green building is a keen understanding of the local environment – weather, topography, airflow, sun position, etc, and then designing a house to suit these conditions. One of the first precepts of Permaculture is “prolonged observation” of the land, and this applies as well to green building. So many people hire architects that have never been to the area, and they make unforgivable mistakes. 

The building grows out of the landscape as naturally as any plant; its relationship to the site is so unique that it would be out of place elsewhere
– Frank Lloyd

Bio Caribe is a practical example of developing a sustainable residential community  the green way.
Bio Caribe Real Estate is an intentional community with the goal of becoming more socially, economically and ecologically sustainable. Bio Caribe’s residents and members are united by shared ecological, social-economic and cultural values.


A Gifted Location

Located on the south Caribbean coast of Costa Rica within 300 acres of private lush forest. Bio Caribe is only 15 minutes away from the country’s most secluded beaches and the Panama border.

Bocas del Toro
Bocas del Toro

Bocas del Toro town

Experience Bocas del Toro, a true eco-touristic area located past the Panama Border, 30 minutes away from Bio Caribe.


Incredible views

Around 70% of the property features incredible mountain views, from the comfort of your residence, you will be able to admire the greatness of all the natural beauties that Bio Caribe has to offer.

Puerto Viejo
Puerto Viejo

Puerto Viejo

Puerto Viejo is a small town which is visited and loved every year by thousands of tourists from all over the world and located 15 minutes from Bio Caribe.


Full of activities

Surrounding areas nearby Bio Caribe offer you exciting touristic and recreational activities such as hiking, white water rafting, canopy tour, fishing, surfing, waterfalls, and national parks.


Details & Dimensions

Protected and unspoiled, this real estate caribe development is ecologically focused with just 51 home sites immersed in the natural topography of more than 300 acres.

Total Area: 124 Hect.

Heliport: 1

Near Hospitals: 2

Lots: 55

Organic Gardens: 1

Recreational Areas: 1

Starting Price: $80,000

Base Floor Plan

With rising energy prices and a growing demand for healthy homes and eco-friendly construction, more and more people are coming around to building green either from the start or as retrofit installations and or natural cooling systems.

There are multiple benefits to building green from health to efficiency to the environmental and social benefits of eco-construction methods. It takes a little more time to build a sustainable home but it more than pays for itself in the long term benefits of “doing it right”.

Neighbor Comments

The following are comments we have received from our neighbors.

I offer my endorsement and recommendation for Edsart and Bio Caribe Real Estate, Costa Rica. You’re in good and honest hands, it’s a beautiful eco-paradise!
Pura Vida!


I believe Bio Caribe to be unique in its privacy, it’s dedication to live with nature and creating a breathtaking environment. And that is why I bought into Bio Caribe Real Estate.

Folkerus Schuiringa

Coming to be owners of Bio Caribe could not have been a more enjoyable and smooth process especially being an offshore property for us. Edsart Besier the owner of Bio Caribe not only took the time and effort every step of the way but proved his integrity and professionalism.


As many people of our generation, Paul and I grew up and have worked in several places – this has spurred a love to explore the world and discover new places. However, as time passes, we both have started to long for a place we can call home.

Irene and Paul