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  • Lote #46

    Lote #46

    (Español abajo) Property 46 Description: lot with a beautiful view of the Panama mountain range. Very suitable for people who search for the idea to start an animal farm. In combination with lote 45 or lote 47 and 48 it is possible to combine lots of pasture. At the end of the property is a […]

  • Lote #45

    Lote #45

    (Español abajo) Property 45 Description: lot with a beautiful view of the Panama mountain range. The construction site is located on a platform 15 meters higher of the ground level as the Pasture. Most of the property is grassland. Very suitable for someone with the desires to keep animals. A small lake is already made […]

  • Lote #41

    Lote #41

    (Español abajo) Property 41 Description: Property with amazing view over the Panama mountain range. On the Southern border it joins the pasture. On the North site it bounders 150 meters with the main street. The building site is a large flat area in the middle of the property. Both good for construction and also works […]

  • Lote #39-1

    Lote #39-1

    (Español abajo) Property 39-1 Description: Property with an extended view on the lake. A small private road brings you up to a nice building platform. Ready for construction. Sale: Property for Sale Price: $110,000 Detail: Area 9,581 m2. Land certified by the Municipality of Bri Bri. With access to light and fiber optics up to […]

  • Lote #38-1

    Lote #38-1

    (Español abajo) Property 38-1 Description: This property is divided into two levels. Both with their own private entrance. The lower entrance is at the end of the road. You can build your house right on the water site. It’s a place with a lot of privacy. Perfect to build for two houses. The two platforms […]

  • Lote #11

    Lote #11

    (Español abajo) Property 11 Description: Land at the end of the street hidden in the forest. In the middle of the property is a small creek. A large building site is already cleaned and ready to start. If you are more adventurous and would like to build something further up in the forest, behind the […]

  • Lote #7-1

    Lote #7-1

    (Español abajo) Property 7-1 Description: Land in a corner. On both sides of the property, you have access to the street a street and therefor access to electricity and internet. Potential for two platforms to build with large distance between each other and each a private entrance. The first platform is already built and ready […]

  • Lote #1

    Lote #1

    (Español abajo) Property 1 Description: Land at the end of the street, with a nice view over the mountain of Panama. At the lower part of the property, it joins with the pasture, strip of about 30 meters. On the east site of the property is a reforestation forest located. Sale: Property for sale Price: […]