What is Green Living?

Bio Caribe is a practical example of developing a sustainable residential community the green way.

The Concept

Bio Caribe is an Ecovillage formed with the goal of becoming more socially, economically and ecologically sustainable. Bio Caribe’s residents and members are united by shared ecological, social-economic and cultural values.

Bio Caribe aims to become a residential community with minimal ecological impact as an alternative to  traditional forms of communities.

It’s time to get closer to nature!

At Bio Caribe you will be able to enjoy again the purest fruits of nature. Enjoy your own organic fruit and vegetable garden. Breath the earth’s purest air and listen to nature as it invites you to be part of it.

Develop your house and lifestyle like you always dreamed of. Design your house taking advantage of nature’s architectural style and life your life privately and closer to nature than even before.