Property #3 is located at the neighborhood “Aves del Caribe”. The property name is “Gavilan”. The property measures 9845 m2. Most of the grounds are flat. Early February 2016 we started the construction on the second container earth ship at Bio Caribe estate. This time the two containers are located parallel with about 8 meters in between. The second bedroom combined with a private bathroom are on the first floor, this container which is located slightly lower in the ground. This two-bedroom house has a patio in the middle. The wall of the East side of the house is built from rocks. On the roof are 12 solar panels of 255 watts each. The property has a well dug close to the house. Below the house, on the Northern side is a large parking area. This fully sustainable, Mexican style house, is for sale. From the house you have a great view on the Panamanian mountain.

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