Property #32: Jaguarundi



Property #32: Jaguarundi

Property #32 is located at the neighborhood “Mamiferos del Caribe”. The property name is “Jaguarundi”. The property measures 1 ha 7195 m2. This is the old farmhouse location of the Arias Family who previously farmed this place. They took possession of the land in 1977 and declared the land their’s. In those days you just took the land and as long as you could maintain it, it was yours. The main house is removed and with the left overs we build the guard house on the entrance of Bio Caribe estate. The building area is about 800m2 and there is plenty of room around for gardening. Your road front is 135 meters. The creek is just on the other side of the fence within the private reserve. This property will be connected to the electric grid.

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Mamiferos del Caribe
Price range
$100K to $150K