Property #6: Pavo del Monte



Property #6: Pavo del Monte

Property #6 is located at the neighborhood “ Aves del Caribe”. The property name is “Pavo del Monte”. The property measures 1 ha5178 m2. The property bounders with 138 meter of road front. The view is facing inside, which means you have a great jungle view, but no large panoramic views. The building grounds are small, but large enough to build your home. The potential building ground is about 1000m2. A small road connects the building ground with the main road. On the land we marked a spot to drill a well. The land is deep into the forest. From the road about 165 meters. On the bottom side a stream swings through the land. In the next future this property will be connected to electricity.


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Aves del Caribe
Price range
$71K to $100k